• Our members, who has fully service centers as in whole of the world are complementary and last station of stainless steel production
  • We inform all stainless steel area about our activities
  • We need first of all ‘’integrated stainless steel production’’ instead of re-rolling. For this theme please take care the message of our president for 2017
The PASDER Members have believed that the success in the business life is not dependent on the economic and commercial parameters only, but instead, this success must arise with the framework of a common ethical understanding that should define the style of dealing. Therefore, they undertake carrying out their operations in line with the principles defined within the framework of these guidelines.

• The PASDER member defines him/herself as a responsible member of the society in which it operates.

• The PASDER member has adopted as an indispensable principle to conform to the laws in force, and the ethical rules generally accepted for the management of affairs in both our country and the other countries of operation. Its feeling of responsibility is so deep that it will cover also the applicability of these principles beyond abiding by these rules only.

• While carrying out its operations, the PASDER members acts in complete responsibility to its

• Customers,
• Employees,
• Shareholders,
• Public authorities,
• Competitors, and
• Society

in achieving the economic and commercial success it targets; it abstains from the illegal acts as well as the acts towards any of these segments, countering the generally accepted ethical principles definitely, and censures such behaviors strongly.

• The PASDER member creates and uses effectively the self-control mechanisms required to prevent its own employees and the other real of legal persons with whom it cooperates from violating the principles of legality, transparency, accuracy, and honesty.

• The PASDER member is completely transparent in its operations, limited with the protection of the competitive power only.

• The PASDER member believes that the optimum environment for its operations is an environment of fair competition, and makes efforts for creation of this environment. It acts as aware of the fact that the economic success it targets lies within meeting its customers’ needs under the optimum commercial, technical, and logistical conditions.

• The PASDER member is environment-conscious. In this context, it approaches the natural resources of today and tomorrow sensitively, and respects the rights of the next generations using these resources fully responsibly.

• The PASDER member protects its employees’ rights at the utmost level. It never permits employment out of the legal framework; it regards the social, cultural, and educational initiatives targeting the advance of the individual and improvement of his/her personal living conditions positively, and supports these initiatives when it is appropriate.

• The PASDER member preserves the conditions of safety and health in its workplaces, and regards and accepts respecting the rights of all employees as the basic element of performing the economic activities.

• The PASDER member is conscious of harmonizing its behaviors with the principles of accuracy, courtesy, and cooperation in all kind of its operations, and spreading these principles to all social strata where it is present instead of limiting them with the customer relations only.
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