• Our members, who has fully service centers as in whole of the world are complementary and last station of stainless steel production
  • We inform all stainless steel area about our activities
  • We need first of all ‘’integrated stainless steel production’’ instead of re-rolling. For this theme please take care the message of our president for 2017
Current Usage Area

In the last two years, the current usage area has been expanded with the investments made, and to be made, despite the crisis. And in the next two years, we will have achieved considerable increases with the participation of new members in our association.

Created Employment – Workforce

Our members have contributed to the national economy and decreasing the level of unemployment by increasing the number of their employees in the last crisis period. The total number of white collars, blue collars, and other employees employed directly in the businesses of our members is almost 5,000. The number of those who contribute to the industrial branches directly affiliated with our members and to the product range of the stainless steel sector, on the other hand, is over 50,000. The whole sector has a spotlessly clean and rustproof employee army of 100,000 at close interval with stainless steel, 65% of whom are definitely directly and indirectly associated with our members. Therefore, PASDER is a nongovernmental organization representing the stainless steel sector across Turkey. We are proud of our position.

Usage and Sales Turnover

In the calendar year 2013, the stainless steel usage share of PASDER members across Turkey is about 65%, and they are accountable for 300,000 tons of 450.000-ton actual import. The high share in the high grade stainless steel group materials has increased the sales turnover share higher. Differentiation among the quantity and value ratios is caused by the fact that our members are generally included in the areas associated with the higher grade stainless steel.
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